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Desert Rose Arizona Esthetics is a state of the art DMK Clinic offering one-on-one treatments,  including medical grade Microneedling and results-driven facials. You can leave feeling comfortable that your skin care goals are being met with expert guidance that continues on even after you leave the treatment room.

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DMK Skin Revision 

Rebuild and revitalize your skin down to the molecular level with DMK Enzyme and advanced treatments.

Advanced Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels break down your skin's top layers to improve the natural appearance of your face


Your skin care vision begins with treatments designed to repair, rebuild and renew. Achieving the foundation of beautiful skin starts here.


FDA Approved Microneedling

Medical Grade Microneedle creates Collagen as well as smoothing fine lines and acne scarring. 


DMK Skincare

The DMK concept is rebuild, protect and maintain. It is simply about restoring balance and enhancing skin to function optimally once more.


One on One Consultation

Complimentary skin consultation!

Have professional products picked for you based on your skin type and needs


Maintain your professional care by providing your skin the quality replenishment it needs.

Let your skin glow!

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FactorFive Skincare

Products that work harmoniously with your own skin to replenish growth factors that naturally deplete as we age


Meet Jess

Master Esthetician and DMK Skin Revision Therapist. Triple certified in Medical Microneedle, focusing on scarring, fine lines and loss of collagen. Licensed Laser Technician.


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Dorothy M.

"Jess is so nice and so attentive! She made sure to make product and treatment recommendations specifically for my type of skin. She’s been helping me take care of my skin of a little over a year and it’s never looked better!"

Sara C.

"The suite is always clean, cozy, and has that welcoming feeling. Jess is amazing! She knows what good for skin and happy to share what you’ll need to have amazing skin!"

Lori W.

"If you are looking for a new esthetician, I cannot recommend Jessica Menken enough! Not only is she well educated on the science behind getting your skin to be the best it can be, she is all about addressing your skin concerns."
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